Friday, 25 May 2018

Hydrotaea diabolus - a new fly for Fife

Hydrotaea diabolus,
Dalgety Bay, Ross Plantation

After finding a female a couple of days ago which was waiting to be identified, I ran into a male yesterday and what a fantastic fly it is! The overall impression is a glistening blue-black with a brightly flashing silver face when the light strikes it at the right angle. It has bizarrely long legs, especially the central ones, and the fore and hind legs bear weird and wonderful appendages. The central femur has a spectacular upturned hair on its apex.

Prior to this there have only been two records in Scotland (per NBN gateway)

The female - note pale haltere

A male

Peg leg - cilia on tibia also noteworthy

The shovel like front femur

Central femur "spur"

Shiny face

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