Thursday, 10 May 2018

Dangerous flies

A fine day yesterday with some nice new things.

A new Big-headed Fly (Pipunculidae) was added to the county list - Jassidophaga fasciata.

These are fantastic-looking little flies, which target hemipteroids (true bugs) as hosts. The tachinid (?) with it in the photo below hasn't been ID'd.

Another new for county was the weevil Hadroplontus litura, which according to NBN is the northernmost British record.

Ferdinandea cuprea was a nice new hover fly for me in the morning sunshine today.

Dangerous small things!

ovipositor - ouch! (for piercing bugs)

Hadroplontus litura

Ferdinandea cuprea

702 lep-moth Aphelia paleana Timothy Tortrix
703 flowering plant Cirsium vulgare Spear Thistle
704 coleoptera Otiorhynchus singularis A Broad-nosed Weevil
705 lep-moth Epinotia immundana Common Birch Bell
706 diptera Tipula varipennis A crane fly
707 * diptera Jassidophaga fasciata A big-headed fly
708 * coleoptera Hadroplontus litura A weevil
709 diptera Syrphus vitripennis  Syrphidae
710 * diptera Ferdinandea cuprea A hover fly
711 diptera Melanostoma scalare Syrphidae

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