Monday, 23 April 2018

Fannia by gaslight

The quest to record 1000 species in OS grid NT1683 oncintues - a lovely Streamer was new for me over the weekend (a Satellite moth also added same day)

Fannia mollissima is a very common fly here at this time of year. At least it was last year. Its abdominal shape is distinctive, though not absolutely unique.

Fannia mollissima
In January I grabbed a couple of teaspoonfuls of putrified grass clippings from my garden rubbish bin. It was heaving with larvae. A lot of Fannia were present. I checked the jar in the garage which had now started buzzing. Inside I found about 10 Fannia scalaris. The male here with its curious leg "processes". Apart from one other fly I already took from this collection there were a couple of smaller ones I didn't do.

I found some Few-flowered Garlic, which was new to me - an amazingly large patch of it in flower on the edge of the bay which I had somehow contrived to not notice before, and also some Green Alkanet is beside the cowslips at the sailing club - another common species I'd never run into. So all in all still on target for 667 by month end, and with the weather distinctly better no reason why not (famous last words...)

633 diptera Syrphus torvus A hoverfly
634 flowering plant Ligusticum scoticum  Scottish Lovage
635 diptera Helina evecta A muscid fly
636 hymenoptera Bombus hortorum Garden Bumblee
637 diptera Fannia mollissima A lesser house fly
638 diptera Sepsis punctum A sepsid fly
639 lep-moth Eupsilia transversa Satellite
640 * lep-moth Anticlea derivata Streamer
641 * flowering plant Pentaglottis sempervirens Green Alkanet
642 * flowering plant Allium paradoxum Few-flowered Garlic
643 mammal Capreolus capreolus Roe Deer
644 bird Phylloscopus trochila Willow Warbler
645 * diptera Fannia scalaris A lesser house fly
646 flowering plant Cochlearia danica Danish Scurvy-grass
* = new to me

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