Friday, 23 March 2018

Egle parva

sp. : Egle parva, m.
Loc: Dalgety Bay, Ross Plantation
Grid: NT1683
Date: 22/03/2018

A fly of willow catkins, like some (all?) of its congeners. This is a first for Fife and may also be a first for Scotland


Thursday, 22 March 2018

A few species additions

The wind yesterday precluded any fly catching so I re-investigated the barely-touched area of willows, and not without success. This is the kind of area that I have in my local nature reserve in abundance so I know what it can be good for. Can't believe I found no Peltigera, but a couple of additional bryophytes were added and a fungus I've wanted to see for ages. I'm not joking, though you may soon think I am!

Frullania dilitata


Trimmatostroma salicis - Yesss!!

No, really!!!

The moth trap was out too
Rhigognostis incarnatella

Common Quaker

Then there was a beetle with backstory. The other day I found a plastic discarded chinese takeaway tub. Since I had a bottle of soapy water in my bag for this sort of thing I re-purposed it as a water trap and it came up with this first-for-county Vincenzellus ruficollis. I'll be carrying more soapy water from now on.

Vincenzellus ruficollis

NBN map Vincenzellus ruficollis

518 liverwort Frullania dilitata A liverwort
519 flowering plant Lamium album White Dead-nettle
520 moss Dicranella heteromalla A moss
521 fungus Trimmatostroma salicis A fungus
522 lep-moth Orthosia cerasi Common Quaker
523 * lep-moth Rhigognostis incarnatella A micromoth
524 diptera Pollenia rudis A cluster fly
525 * coleoptera Vincenzellus ruficollis A beetle

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Algae - Closterium monoliferum

Nothing could be more fun that taking a drop of water and sticking it under the microscope. If it's from an algal mat then all the better. This beauty is Closterium monoliferum, which is one of the few things I managed to identify from the myriad species present.

The granules in the tip dance about, and the following link says of them that ... "vacuolar granules in Closterium moniliferum have been analyzed to consist mainly of barium sulphate crystals". See the link below.

Fascinating page on the species

Also amazing online digital reference to desmids:
Digital image gallery of desmids

Monday, 12 March 2018

Night moves

A session headtorching around the bay returned a few new species. Two March Moths in Crow Hill Wood and Tawny Owls hooting. Lots of slugs on trees and not so many woodlice as in NT1582. I found my favourite ground beetle, the arboreal Dromius quadrimaculatus.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Rhodophyta - red algae (seaweeds)

From below the sailing club

Membranoptera alata

Sea oak, Halidrys siliquosa

Monday, 5 March 2018

More Beast from the East photographs

IN no particular order ...

Beast from the East update

Well, that was quite a thing. Off work but unable, mostly, to get out. Nevertheless when I did get out it was a kiss from the princess. Not for all those weather casualties, of course, but it did bring some "patch gold" as farmland birds were forced into the tiny patch of exposed grass in NT1683.

My first Dalgety Bay Golden Plovers showed up after not seeing one in the previous 20 years. Yellowhammers, Skylarks, Reed Bunting, Snipe. A bonanza. Churlish to complain about the lack of Little Auk, LT Duck, Scoters, Gannet ... and where are those Fulmars? They should be here anyway!

Here's some pack ice in the bay - very bizarre

There's really too much to cover in individual shots so here's a small collection from the kelp bed sweep

Watery wonderland

Water-loving things

451 * fungus Laboulbenia vulgaris A fungus
452 coleoptera Pterostichus strenuus A ground beetle
453 bird Gallinago gallinago Common Snipe
454 flowering plant Chamerion angustifolium Rosebay Willowherb
455 fungus Trametes ochracea A fungus
456 lichen Hypogymnia tubulosa  A lichen
457 bird Alauda arvensis Skylark
458 * diptera Nanocladius dichromus A chironomid fly
459 bird Anthus petrosus Rock Pipit
460 bird Rissa tridactyla  Kittiwake
461 bird Uria aalge  Guillemot
462 bird Alca torda Razorbill
463 bird Pluvialis apricaria Golden Plover
464 bird Emberiza citrinella Yellowhammer
465 bird Emberiza schoeniclus Reed Bunting
466 bird Anthus pratensis Meadow Pipit
467 chordate Ascidiella scabra A sea squirt
468 alga Membranoptera alata An alga
469 alga Corallina officinalis Coral Weed
470 mollusc Cerastoderma edule Common Cockle
471 mollusc Doris pseudoargus Sea Lemon
472 cnidarian Dynamena pumila A hydrozoan
473 * annelid Eulalia viridis Greenleaf worm
echinoderm Ophiothrix fragilis Common Brittlestar
475 * alga Halidrys siliquosa Sea Oak
476 * alga Palmaria palmata Dulse
477 * cnidarian Obelia geniculata A hydroid
478 * alga Rhodomela lycopodioides A marine alga