Thursday, 1 February 2018

First month, first third round-off

With only 3 species required to the 333 yesterday lunchtime I thought I had enough in the house to complete the task, even if it meant scouring the shed for spiders. I thought it might come to that when the snow started to fall, but happily the snow vanished and ten minutes into lunchtime we were over the line.

I had intended to pick up a few species I know are in the intertidal and relatively easy, but when I got there I found the tide as high as it can possibly be (at which point NT1683 is 2/3 submerged!). Still the gathered seaweeds did at least give up Vertebrata lanosa.

I stuck with the maxim, "The easiest way to find new species is to look in new places" and walked the coastline, quickly picking up Weld and Red Dead-nettle where the grass runs out and becomes sand/rock. A happy find was more Spotted Medick, so it's at both ends of my current square.

The only species I took to the lens in the evening was the lovely Cryptosphaeria eunomia on a fallen ash twig.

shaved surface to expose interior

the asci/spores

Ellis & Ellis figure

the stroma

331 flowering plant Lamium purpureum Red Dead-nettle
332 flowering plant Reseda luteola Weld
333 alga Vertebrata lanosa A seaweed
334 moss Scleropodium purum Neat Feather-moss
335 moss Campylopus flexuosus Rusty Swan-neck Moss
336 flowering plant Trifolium repens White Clover
337 flowering plant Primula vulgaris Primrose
338 flowering plant Vicia sativa Common Vetch
339 fungus Cymadothea trifolii A fungus
340 * fungus Cryptosphaeria eunomia A fungus
341 moss Cirriphyllum piliferum Hair Pointed Feather Moss

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