Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Over the third

The lovely conidial stage of Botryobasidium aureum, which is in reality far more orange(gold) than my camera is prepared to give it credit for.

Botryobasidium aureum (conidial stage)
The Mycena below is the kind of thing you think you have no chance of identifying. It's the Dewdrop Bonnet and on its stipe it has tortuose cystidia. These hold onto water droplets and so are responsible for both its English and scientific names. I've already recorded it but it's a lovely thing.

Hemimycena tortuosa

Birch leaf specials - on a high proportion of birch leaves in the early part of the year, and poorly photographed here.

Birch leaf Gnomonia and Venturia

This globular springtail Dicyrtomina fusca was an interesting leaf litter/twig find in Crow Hill wood

Dicyrtomina fusca

The searched for but thus far missed Vertebrata lanosa, in typical epiphyte location

Better red and dead, Red Dead-nettle

326 * fungus Botryobasidium aureum A corticioid fungus
327 * collembola Dicyrtomina fusca A springtail
328 fungus Merismodes anomala A fungus
329 fungus Gnomonia alni-viridis a pyrenomycete
330 fungus Venturia ditricha a pyrenomycete
331 flowering plant Lamium purpureum Red Dead-nettle
332 flowering plant Reseda luteola Weld
333 alga Vertebrata lanosa A seaweed
334 moss Scleropodium purum Neat Feather-moss
335 moss Campylopus flexuosus Rusty Swan-neck Moss
336 flowering plant Trifolium repens White Clover
337 flowering plant Primula vulgaris Primrose
338 flowering plant Vicia sativa Common Vetch
339 fungus Cymadothea trifolii A fungus

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