Monday, 29 January 2018

NT1683 - over 300 species for 2018

A good weekend, especially for myriapods, took me comfortably over the 300 target for 2018 year list in NT1683. Partly this was a fortunate run of good luck and partly this was due to Seth setting a rip-roaring pace which encouraged me to try to keep up! It doesn't hurt that many of the species I met as new last year can be easily confirmed this year instead of labouring for hours over them.

The bryophyte total of last year (for NT1582) has already been passed. The myriapod total is now equalled and with some easily encountered species not listed yet I fully expect to beat that too. It took me until March to count this many fungi last year! Probably over the next three days I'll major on microfungi. Since my wife's away I'll focus on gathering material for those long nights in.

A bonus species not on the numbers below is Cryptocoryneum condensatum, a coelomycete found in Ross Plantation:

298 diptera Lonchoptera lutea A fly
299 coleoptera Nebria brevicollis A ground beetle
300 * spider Monocephalus fuscipes A linyphiid spider
301 mollusc Lauria cylindracea Common Chrysalis Snail
302 bird Columba livia Feral Pigeon
303 mollusc Lehmannia marginata Tree Slug
304 collembola Tomoceros longicornis A springtail
305 millipede Ommatoiulus sabulosus Striped Millipede
306 * millipede Cylindroiulus brittanicus A millipede
307 millipede Julus scandinavius A millipede
308 moss Platyhypnidium riparioides A moss

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