Monday, 13 November 2017

A few additions

A Cladonia found on the edge of a lawn turned out to be C.chlorophaea. Suspected Phaonia pallida from a water trap in Bathing House Wood was confirmed by its underwing setae, and a couple of female Anthomyia turned out to be festiva. All these were preceded by a Field Blewit which was found in the grassy triangle behind Lumsdaine Drive

1010 Lepista nuda Field Blewit
1011 Cladonia chlorophaea A lichen
1012 Phaonia pallida A muscid fly
1013 Anthomyia festiva A flower fly

Monday, 6 November 2017

sp #1009, bird #89 - Whooper Swan

Scarcely has a targetted search proved so easy!

7:00 - wake up
7:20 - head out to Downing Point in hopes of Whooper and/or Waxwing passage.
7:25 - at the point.
7:52 - overflying whoopers. Score!

No waxwings, though.


sp #1008, diptera #156 - Coenosia agromyzina

On ivy with a few other flies, wasps and a butterfly