Monday, 2 October 2017

One at a time please, ladies ...

Creeping slowly forward at one fly per day. Probably means I'll shoot forward as these things go in cycles. I would back finishing on Thursday maybe now though with a meeting of fungus-botherers who may be prepared to bash out some tricky identification with me.

One of my favourite flies was a nice surprise yesterday after sitting on a pin for two days - Phaonia rufiventris (R.populi as was). It's like a P.subventa but with yellow humeri and less acrostichials

Can't say why it appeals to me so much but I added it to the county list a while back from a more interesting forestry and sort of assumed its presence there was why it hadn't been noted before. Anyway, now it's noted from here too.

Yellow humeri. One pre-stu acro (not a pair - just 1!)

The meagre list additions:
989 Ocydromia glabricula A fly
990 Lucilia silvarum A fly
991 Phaonia rufiventris A fly

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