Thursday, 26 October 2017

Mydaea corni, Bathing House Wood water trap

On a sunny day last week I put out a water trap in Bathing House Wood, fully anticipating a number of smaller flies. What I got was a surprise, with a few nice fat Muscoidea including this one - Mydaea corni. It appears to have only been recorded in Fife in 1904 in nearby Aberdour. It's not apparent how pretty it is from the pics really with a black body/yellow scutellum coated with a bronzey dusting that shimmers when you rotate it. Very nice. Water trap specimens always seem to have a different appearance than those caught with a net so I need to improve my re-setting skills.

interesting ovipositor

It appears to have been once thought to be a cow dung species and it seems to be at least in some cases, but the area seems to be short on cow dung community species, certainly compared to my nearby nature reserve. This is a fair remove from the nearest cows.

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