Thursday, 7 September 2017

Two for one

It's always nice to get a two for one deal so when I picked up a Giant Puffball yesterday I was even more pleased to find a new bug perched on it. Kicking myself I had left my phone (and therefore camera) in work at lunchtime so I couldn't get a shot in situ, but you can see its magnitude in the "captive" shot. This was much smaller than the last one I found which was bigger than a basketball. Good enough, though, and I fried a slice in butter until it was golden brown - delicious! A bit of random sweeping on the way back to the car turned up another bug by way of Pinalitus cervinus, and one of three Phaonias I keyed out last night was new for the list too - P.tuguriorum.

Giant Puffball

Ribautiana debilis

Phaonia tuguriorum

Phaonia tuguriorum

Pinalitus cervinus

926 Calvatia gigantea Giant Puffball
927 Ribautiana debilis A plant hopper
928 Phaonia tuguriorum A muscid fly
929 Pinalitus cervinus A mirid bug

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