Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Game's a bogey!

For those outside the correct geographic area the above phrase means more or less "match abandoned". I now need over 4 species per day to complete in September. Now if there were two days left I might feel optimistic about that with a final push but 4 spp./day over 17 days is optimistic I reckon. I do have some fungi-bothering friends coming nearer the end of the month and I may do a couple of extra shifts on the moth trap but in reality even the stocks are becoming bare.

On the brighter side two new flies last night, so forward momentum isn't completely stalled.

Opomyza florum

Neuroctena anilis

(edit: due to a hardcoded spreadsheet cell the spp./day wasn't updated and is in fact only 3.5! I am actually 9 spp. behind minus whatever i can scrape out today)

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