Thursday, 14 September 2017

Funnel fun

Got up early this morning to watch some birds fly past but they weren't co-operatiing. They're probably still sulking since they threw me a Ross's Goose last week and I hadn't bothered to go and look. It flew over a nearby watchpoint and probably right through the middle of my square. Anyway ... a Kingfisher settled on the rocks in front of me before hovering over the tideline and making a dive. First time I've seen a Kingfisher hover (well, a British one) so that was my highlight.

A couple of additions from yesterday, but one of them may lead to the loss of another as I may have been misidentifying all the Lepista flaccidas (Tawny Funnel) on my patch as Clitocybe gibba. Doh! I feel like I had nailed the ID but now I need to go back and check. The Eurhynchium I was amazed to find that I hadn't recorded already.

On the ivy front things are looking up, so I expect to spend a lot of time there in the coming weeks.


Lepista flaccida

Eurhynchium striatum

941 Lepista flaccida Tawny funnel
942 Eurhynchium striatum A moss

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