Friday, 1 September 2017

End of August - 916

916 is a pretty unassuming number, but for me it will always mean this:

A bike I drooled over, but fortunately never had as I would probably have killed myself.

As it is it just means a pretty decent total going into September, with a view to rounding off the other 84 species over the next 30 days. Last night was a good result as I managed to extract 3 from 3 flies with two of them lifers. Given I've seen something like 3% of the island's fly species, a high percentage of lifers can be expected. They were all little, but delightful in their own way, and I was especially pleased about the doli. It almost fooled me by having two tiny dorsocentrals in front of the main three, but fortunately the species list of Fife had alerted me to the species already recorded in the county, of which this is one. I might have easily gone wrong otherwise.

Sepsis punctata - a common enough sepsid

sepsid femur - a strong character in ID

Medetera petrophila

Fannia parva

I want to give a credit here to a great new acquisition - Harrap's Wildflowers. Recommended on the site of Dr.M I picked it up and immediately it rescued my record of Heath Groundsel from the ignominy of misidentification I had given it as Sticky Groundsel. It looks like it's going to be one of those books which gets a lot of use. Dr.M's wildflower book review is here: link

914 Fannia parva A lesser house-fly
915 Sepsis punctata A sepsid fly
916 Medetera petrophila A long-legged Fly

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