Thursday, 24 August 2017

Moths, I take it back

No sooner had I insulted the moths for not showing up the other night than a Grey Chi popped up during lunchtime to let me know it's not time to give up on them yet.

My first, and maybe only, Cheilosia of the year was netted from some "wildflowers" that have been sown by the local woodland group. I've missed hoverflies a lot this year and my records are going to be way down but I'll be back on their case next year and a change of scene has allowed for bumping into new species at least.

A lovely morning this morning with the majestic sight of my first autumn Bonxie overhead and then my first RT Divers coming up river. They're some three weeks before peak so I'm looking forward to some more. A kingfisher is now "resident" around Downing Point, which is always good to fill a dull moment

Revised additions based on removal of 2 duplicates after review (Eristalis pertinax and E.arbustorum)

889 Antitype chi Grey Chi
890 Cheilosia bergenstammi A hoverfly
891 Stercorarius skua Great Skua
892 Gavia stellata Red-throated Diver
893 Syritta pipiens A hoverfly
894 Anthomyia pluvialis An anthomyid fly
895 Eristalis nemorum A hoverfly

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