Wednesday, 23 August 2017


A sudden and unexpected boost has come by way of a hymenopteran storm. This is especially welcome given that what appeared to be a perfect evening produced not one single new moth species last night. Ya boo sucks to you moths! I can't see why there so few moths on the wing unless they knew it was about to rain hard, but I'm going to need something to plug the gap in the expected tally. I may have to get those pitfalls out and running quicksmart. Maybe it will even help my pitiful beetle and spider tallies.

Biorhiza pallida

Bombus campestris

Ectemnius cavifrons - a boy

886 Erysiphe alphitoides Oak mildew
887 Biorhiza pallida Oak-apple Causer
888 Bombus campestris Field Cuckoo Bee
889 Tenthredo arcuata A sawfly

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