Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The sea, the sky, the sea, the sky ...

... the title's from a Peppa Pig episode (link), a hidden gem of Brian Blessed's work.

So for the most part I haven't even carried binoculars recently, never mind a telescope. Lunchtime's mild rain encouraged me to (go to the gym, but I didn't...) veer away from inverts and look at the sea, where a nice collection of seabirds was milling around: a variety of gulls, auks, terns, eiders, fulmars ... not much new but some nice Puffins. Definitely overdue a session looking up.

Looking down I focussed on green things and fungi and picked up a couple of small things. Viper's Bugloss not exactly small but nice. A mushroom I was actually looking for delighted by showing up - Coprinus plicatilis. Also some little dung roundheads (Panaeolinus types) that I'll microscope check for final determination.

The Marchantia was looking cool but it's already recorded. Also I picked up a Myosotis which I suppose should have been easy but I'll grill it properly anyway. And then there are all those grasses...

I have now seen that there are two types of Sedum on the point. I'll have to look and see what that means. I recorded S.album but there's a yellow-flowered one which I take to be Biting Stonecrop, Sedum acre. I'll also have to check that album, especially since I've recorded it close by on the coast. And then there are potatoes in Bathing House Wood. I did notice end of last year a few potatoes lying around, but apparently they're doing well! Naturalised?

Welsh Poppy


Marasmius rotula

Sedum - album?

706 Blastobasis adustella A micromoth
707 Fratercula arctica Puffin
708 Echium vulgare Viper's Bugloss
709 Coprinus plicatilis A fungus
710 Sedum acre Biting Stonecrop
711 Meconopsis cambrica Welsh Poppy

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