Monday, 10 July 2017

Sawtooth saga

So I gave up two hours of my morning in an attempt to catch some early birdy migrants in action.

Wanted list: Sand Martin, Swift, Cuckoo, Hobby, Manx Shear,Tree Pipit, LT Skua.
Achieved: Sand Martin! (ok - also Grey Wag)

I've had all the wanted list here and through Jul/Aug I hope to see some of them, though all of them would be a stretch. Arctic/Pom/Great Skua ought to be a given as Tree Pipit, but the others are hit and miss at best. You have to be there at the right time.

I did come across the cordon of Goosander again though and with a scope this time, though they came very close. They were undoubtedly Goosander. Not sure what trick of the light or brain-fadery happened lat week. I half think I saw some RB Merganser after the Goosander which threw me. Everything about the head is different - crest, bill shape, white gape mark, neck "cut" - so it's not like it's an easy mistake to make with reasonable views. Anyway, I took a picture. They hung around and probably will for a while. The males all head off somewhere else, though I don't recall where.

A bit of sweeping turned up another dolly in the form of Sciapus platypterus

Friday's Sphegina turned out to be sibirica - the determination of this may change after verification on iRecord, as I have already handed over my previous voucher of sibirica to NMS so I can't compare. I think it's right though.

A Gorse Shieldbug also finally came out of the gorse with some "gentle" persuasion.

So all in all a mixed weekend. I may have recorded more no the sunny Saturday before the rain came down on Sunday but this happened instead:

Mojito, Tom Collins

736 Sphegina sibirica A hoverfly
737 Sciapus platypterus A long-legged Fly
738 Piezodorus lituratus Gorse Shieldbug
739 Riparia riparia Sand Martin
740 Mergus merganser Goosander
741 Lophiostoma angustilabrum A fungus
742 Clepsis consimilana  A tortricid moth

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