Thursday, 27 July 2017

Q: What's round,white and giggles?

A. A tickled Onion

Or in this case a tickled leek.

Looking through the BSBI recording sheet for VC85 I noticed that while Sand Leek was included Wild Onion wasn't. Both are present and in similar habitats, but the upshot is that I figured out my Wild onion Allium vineale was in fact the Sand Leek Allium scorodoprasum. As a host for a fungus also on the list this was doubly useful information.

While I was in a botanical frame of mind I also bit the bullet and removed my dodgy White Campion that I had suspicions about all along. 

I have spent the last couple of days taking the hit for trying to learn about grasses. There are anotehr one or two I have my eye on that I think I can refind and add, but certainly I'm better prepared than ever to have a go. The downside of this is that I'm more or less sure I have discarded a perfectly good Hybrid couch specimen which I had written off (stupidly) as probably Perennial Rye-grass. There's a lesson there I think. Sometimes a specimen which is given up on is down to the mood I'm in at the time and in another mood could easily come up trumps.

I also discovered that the Colletotrichum on Agrostis will be graminicola.

This new botanical phase I hope will lead to more discoveries. An overlooked area that I hadn't visited for a while produced a mass of Meadow Vetchling. It's a great time for Fabaceae with Restharrow, Hairy Tare, Hare'sfoot Clover and a few others all flowering around the place.

Meadow Vetchling being double-checked

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