Monday, 31 July 2017


Amazingly my first Cyperaceae record came from walking the upper edge of the rocky shore looking specifically for niche plants and terminating at the bottom of a garden through which runs/seeps a pitiful stream. It does, however, provide a soggy bottom of sorts. The Carex otrubae (I reckon ... to be confirmed) was hanging on at the edge of shore and stream being heavily wrapped up by bindweed. Apart from the Water-cress that lives there I'm also going to have to dig around the bryophytes as this is a habitat scarce in the square.

I also picked up another couple of goodies which hopefully will be denizens of specific microhabitat and continue this period of the manic botanic. Another Elymus, which I am hoping will prove to be some sort of shore-loving Couch, and members of the Brassicaceae (Danish Scurvy-grass of course) and Boraginaceae (ehhhh, it was Bugloss) which ought to prove new to the list if not to me ... if I can identify them

Danish Scurvy-grass

Reviewing my expected outcomes from February this morning it seems that while many taxon groups are going to come up dead on or just shy of their targets the vascular plants have way over-exceeded my initial targets.

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