Wednesday, 17 May 2017

You tach the high road, and I'll tach the low road - Winthemia quadripustulata

A decent day yesterday topped by re-keying and re-checking a nice tachinid fly which looks a likely candidate for a Scottish first (checking with NMS in case other records exist, as often turns out to be the case). Certainly the 6th tachinid I've added to the county's paltry list of 29 species.

W.quadripustulata is the most common of the British species, but NBN has no other records in the genus north of Leeds.

NBN map of Winthemia genus:

With the other, almost inconsequential, additions ...
561 Adela reaumurella Green Long-horn
562 Winthemia quadripustulata A Tachinid fly
563 Clubiona lutescens A clubionid spider
564 Paranchus albipes A ground beetle
565 Dasysyrphus venustus A hoverfly

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