Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Weevil minds that plot destruction

It's happening again, mother...

Not days since disavowing ecological learnings I once more swept Ribwort Plantain to discover another weevil specialist of the species (maybe Plantago more broadly, but still). Took me an inordinate amount of time to key out with blind alleys and confusion but those were in themselves worthwhile learning outcomes.

1. Sometimes antennae that don't appear geniculate are if you tease them off the rostrum!
2. Apionidae antennae have 11 segments
3. The count of the funicular article doesn't include the terminal section ("club"). When you know this the language is easy to interpret but otherwise "between" really ought to be qualified with "inclusive" or "exclusive" as both are possible interpretations. With hindsight it's obvious - which means it isn't obvious!
4. At two per plant there are a lot of weevils on my square! (I have two gorse ones already)
5. Duff really was worth the money

Anyway, here it is, the beautiful Mecinus pascuorum. As usual, the second record for Fife because Gordon the Legend has already recorded it at Dumbarnie Links.

Pretending to be an apionid

One geniculate antenna, one not ;)

Working with error & correction!

Still looks like a pretty decent record!

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