Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Today will be the day!

The 600 will be breached today unless something major happens. A nice run around the taxa yesterday made for an interesting push towards the May target of 600. Fortunately looks like I'll get a few in the bag over target since June will be a tricky one of holidays and competing obligations.

Finally, Orange-tip

Pegomyia blotch mine - will try to rear on

Pegomyia larva

Perapion violaceum from dock

Psilolechia hiding in plain sight

Larch ladybird from beating spruce

The numbers since yesterday ...
23/05/2017 589 Anthocharis cardamines Orange-tip
23/05/2017 590 Anthophila fabriciana Nettle-Tap
23/05/2017 591 Dalopius marginatus A Click Beetle
23/05/2017 592 Perapion violaceum A weevil
23/05/2017 593 Erisyphe heraclei A fungus
23/05/2017 594 Celypha lacunana A tortricid moth
23/05/2017 595 Pardosa nigriceps A Wolf spider
24/05/2017 596 Pegomya solennis A Flower Fly
24/05/2017 597 Aphidecta obliterata Larch Ladybird
24/05/2017 598 Psilolechia lucida A lichen

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