Friday, 26 May 2017


Not often I get to enjoy a tachinid before I've pulled it out of a pot, but today I revisited the small woodland where I added Panzeria rudis. I had thought that I was chasing the same fly until I finally caught it. Today I discovered that I had caught one of only many as they surrounded the sunny, ferny glade making fly-catchery swoops from the top of foliage. They were so reliable and not shy that I even managed a mobile phone shot!

I have a fair collection of things frmo today that I may get to work through tonight, but this will be enough to be going on with...
607 Denticollis linearis A Click Beetle
608 Tipula vernalis A cranefly
609 Peltigera membranacea A lichen
610 Vicia sepium Bush Vetch
611 Sarcophaga carnaria A Flesh Fly

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