Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Six legs good

So it didn't take long. Already I am being over-run by the fecundity of the invertebrate world, and even then only the insect portion of it. Had a relaxing lunchtime with a camera and very little net swishing trying to get decent pictures of living things for a change.

Once more I staked out the Eristalini on Hopeward Point and was surrounded by them the entire time - very active in the early afternoon sun. Sycamore leaves are spreading out to provide platforms for anything that wants some sun and I soon won't be able to key fast enough to keep up. Still, if I set myself a target of only 3 per day that seems like a manageable amount and hopefully one (or two! or three!!) of those might be a known entity only looking to be written down. I will in reality have to stop catching things!

I did actually catch a Lucilia this time though. L.serricata probably. Other than that a clear blue sky was bereft of hirundines and no Whitethroats, Sedge Warblers or Bluethroats were sneaking aruond the coastal margins.

Andrena bicolor (I think)

Phaonia sp.

Eristalinus aeneus

Eristalinus aeneus

Calliphora vicina

Eristalinus aeneus

Lucilia sp.

Ceratinsostoma ostiorum

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