Friday, 19 May 2017

May (and year) target for bristletails reached

After lifting more rocks than a cartoon convict I finally found my bristletails by leaving a strandline tupperware dish in the gap under a log. Fortunately they were little as the dish was dry and deep enough that they couldn't leap out (lord knows they were trying). That strandline find has become an important piece of field equipment, and nobody's going to steal it! Probably ...

underwhelming insect life!

A lunchtime search for life on hawthorn flowers produced only one thing, but it was a nice one - Criorihanna berberina, a hoverfly that has been missing from my list. That's the second Criorhina for the square this year so well chuffed with that. Brings up 80 hovers for my county list (total county list 121, though I added 8 of those)

Also the Silver Ground Carpet season has started, with two flushed from long grass. In previous seasons they have made an impressive display over grassy embankments on the reserve but it takes some restraint to avoid netting them when they fly across your field of view. You do get your eye in though and start to be able to avoid them.

Temporarily restrained SGC

Look how many Nedyus you get in one sweep of nettles! Can barely imagine what the population of this wood is

I returned to work to find this Small Phoenix on the wall. Sadly not countable, but there must be a fair few in the square I suppose.

Brief numbers update - over 580 - yay!
578 Criorhina berberina A hoverfly
579 Petrobius maritimus Sea Bristletail
580 Xanthorhoe montanata Silver Ground Carpet

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