Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Bee bothering

Been a couple of days for clearing the decks so last night I pinned and labelled some stuff that didn't add any new species and the only thing I really spent a lot of time on was this mining bee, which appears to be Andrena helvola. It's a species which has been recorded in fife - the 3rd Scottish record at the time - and not that far from me. Close enough that the area of my square is indicated positively in the distribution. Anyway, I couldn't make it be anything else and we don't have that many Andrenas up here. If someone later tells me I'm wrong I won't be 100% surprised but it looks good at the moment.

(update - a look at the NBN atlas shows a wide dispersal which makes it intriguing that Falk has a limited Scottish distribution. The record dates are all genuinely after the "3rd for Scotland" record and mostly from Highland Biological Recording Group. Could be that the distribution map is just not based on all available data)

512 Andrena helvola Coppice mining bee
513 Rosa canina Dog Rose
514 Plantago lanceolata Ribwort Plantain

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