Thursday, 18 May 2017


Found some nice occupied leaf mines in Heraclium yesterday and duly recorded them only to find that there is another possibility. Denied! Also failed to find any living being on two species of sycamore gall last night so that was all round a disappointing experience. Anyway the leaves are in a jar and hopefully will provide an answer in due course.

Everything did go a bit beetley yesterday, with a Phaedon tumidulus and an Amara. I'll level with you here - I called in Luff to help out Duff and only after Luff did I succeed with Duff. Everything seemed clearer when offerred another point of view and the "right" answer. It was the vanilla Amara - ovata. To be fair Duff did quickly sort out the Phaedon which I had tried to make be something else. It just wouldn't let me, which is as valuable as helping you to the right answer. I also have a nice big click beetle that I didn't have time for last night.

Phaedon- cack on the front end thankfully came off easily

The Phaedon smooth "triangle"

Amara ovata

The square is now just an all-you-can-id buffet, with too many things to shake a lens at. A brief tour this morning provided a recently-arrived Garden Warbler very active (thank god) among the foliage, a few plants, a troublesome amount of flowering grass and a nice big Tipula oleracea. The Tipula itself is a reminder that, despite the numbers ramping up, it's still really only spring!

Numbers ticking along nicely:
566 Bombus lapidarius Large Red-tailed Bumblebee
567 Phaedon tumidulus A Leaf Beetle
568 Amara ovata A Ground beetle
569 Tipula oleracea A cranefly
570 Medicago lupulina Black Medick
571 Sagina procumbens Procumbent Pearlwort
572 Sylvia borin Garden Warbler
573 Philaenus spumarius Cuckoo-Spit Insect

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