Tuesday, 23 May 2017

A new beetle for Fife (and for me, naturally) - Otiorhynchus armadillo

I decided to spend the time to identify some weevils (as it turned out A weevil) because it's more rewarding, or rewarding in a different way, than racking up numbers. Not that I had an alternate way to do that - grasses? Ehhhhh ... let me look at those weevils ...

First a lovely creeping thistle tephritid. An easy one to find and the RES has free tephritid keys (in which you can look at the pictures!). Smashing.

Tephritis hyoscyami
Now the lovely Otiorhynchus armadillo, a county first and a big lump of thing to drop out of beaten ivy. I thought it was another Liophloeus tessulatus at first, but when I pulled it from the pot I could see immediately that it wasn't. Well, I say "immediately" - I did pull the Liophloeus from the box to check.

Another sunny day today and finally Nettle-tap moths and Orange-tips were flitting around. I started to think they had become extinct. They certainly took their time.

Anyway, with a few more pots gathered if I stayed up all night I might make 600 before morning. That's not going to happen. I may score a moth or two if I venture out after dark, mind you.

584 Tephritis hyoscyami A Tephritid fly
585 Anaspis maculata A Tumbling Flower Beetle
586 Ixodes ricinus Sheep Tick
587 Rubus idaeus Raspberry
588 Othiorhynchus armadillo A Broad-nosed Weevil
589 Anthocharis cardamines Orange-tip
590 Anthophila fabriciana Nettle-Tap

Oh! And here's my new desk. So the beetle is the first first-for-county to Christen my new desk. Yay.

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