Thursday, 6 April 2017

The chase is better than the catch

Last night wandering with headtorch along the coastal path I caught only previously recorded moths and not much else, but at one point I saw the reflection of eyes from the rocks below...

I could see both eyes as perfect circles of reflection and walked slowly towards them, hoping whatever it was would be dazzled or at least a bit confused (spoiler - it wasn't a Snipe). Suddenly I felt the animal tense, a barely percetible movement of the reflections. I prepared myself - if it moved left or right, as it was sure to, I would know what it was ... then there it was! A flash of black and white ... the tinkle of a bell on a collar ... sigh. Always the most probable, but it is my first domestic cat in the square.

Luckily a new spider and a late night email letting me know my Anthomyiidae couple had been identified saved the day

This is Lasiomma seminitidum. Not well known from Scotland but in typical fashion it's already recorded for years on end by my invert-bothering buddy Gordon. It's probably everywhere. Some species just don't get recorded by anyone!

Lasiomma seminitidum

Today, finally, I recorded Chiffchaff. Like Collared Dove I suspected I may have to wander inland to houses and other small woods to score, but it showed up. Still no Sandwich Tern though.

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