Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Eagle-eyed observers may have noticed me reporting two different species as the same one yesterday, mixing my long-spined and short-spined sea scorpions. Yesterdays newbee was the Bull Rout Myoxocephalus scorpius (too many English names - that's what I blame!) and its orange underside appears to indicate that it was a girl.

The putative nudibranches were, of course, not. I had idly wondered if they were sea squirts as I walked back to the car yesterday but I honestly didn't know even what kingdom sea squirts belonged to...

Anyway, they were the sea squirt Ascidiella scabra. The quantity alone should have been enough to avoid going down the nudibranch flight of fancy.  

On putting them under a lens in a petri dish i spooked a scaleworm which was apparently resting on them - the already-recorded Lepidonotus squamatus Or is it. Am I mixing up two scaleworms ...

A fried egg?

Two siphons


Happy scaleworm

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