Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Pooh and The Rather Blustery Day

Bit blowy here yesterday and almost a high tide too, so not much was to be made of sweeping or rock pooling/turning. The up side of this is that I had to pay attention to something else and I noticed a good handful of flowering plants that had emerged un-noticed in recent days.

With nothing in sotck for evening perusal I did manage to add a couple of species to the square - but only from last year! At least they were both new for me.

As I approach the 500 I do notice a slight fatigue creeping in, particularly when identifying groups I don't really "care" about (yes, that exists!). I may re-jig the target groups to de-emphasise groups that I find tedious. It has to be fun, hasn't it?

Frosted Orache

Curled Dock


Common Stork's-bill

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