Thursday, 20 April 2017

Fly numbers and families

A couple of new flies this morning including one of my favourites Phaonia subventa. Started me thinking of what spread of flies I have had this year so I set Excel onto it and here's the result:

Family Specific English
Anisopodidae Syvicola fenestralis A fly
Anthomyiidae Botanophila fugax  A flower fly
Anthomyiidae Lasiomma seminitidula A flower fly
Bibionidae Bibio johannis A Bibionid fly
Bombyliidae Bombylius major Bee Fly
Calliphoridae Calliphora vicina A bluebottle
Calliphoridae Calliphora vomitoria Orange-bearded Bluebottle
Coelopidae Coelopa frigida A kelp fly
Coelopidae Coelopa pilipes A kelp fly
Dolichopodidae Campsicnemus scambus A long-legged fly
Fanniidae Fannia mollissima A lesser house fly
Heterocheilidae Heterocheila buccata A fly
Limoniidae Limonia nubeculosa A cranefly
Lonchopteridae Lonchoptera lutea A spear-winged fly
Muscidae Helina evecta A muscid fly
Muscidae Phaonia serva A muscid fly
Muscidae Phaonia subventa A muscid fly
Phoridae Triphleba lugubris A Phorid fly
Scathophagidae Ceratinsostoma ostiorum A Scathophagid fly
Sepsidae Sepsis fulgens A Sepsid Fly
Sphaeroceridae Leptocera fontinalis A lesser dung fly
Sphaeroceridae Thoracochaeta zosterae A lesser dung fly
Syrphidae Epistrophe elegans A hoverfly
Syrphidae Episyrphus balteatus Marmalade Hoverfly
Syrphidae Melanostoma mellinum A hoverfly
Syrphidae Melanostoma scalare A hoverfly
Syrphidae Platycheirus albimanus A hoverfly
Syrphidae Platycheirus ambiguus A hoverfly
Syrphidae Platycheirus scutatus A hoverfly
Syrphidae Syrphus ribesii A hoverfly
Tachinidae Lypha dubia A tachinid fly
Trichoceridae Trichocera hiemalis A winter gnat
Trichoceridae Trichocera regulationis A winter gnat


Anisopodidae 1
Anthomyiidae 2
Bibionidae 1
Bombyliidae 1
Calliphoridae 2
Coelopidae 2
Dolichopodidae 1
Fanniidae 1
Heterocheilidae 1
Limoniidae 1
Lonchopteridae 1
Muscidae 3
Phoridae 1
Scathophagidae 1
Sepsidae 1
Sphaeroceridae 2
Syrphidae 8
Tachinidae 1
Trichoceridae 2


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