Thursday, 13 April 2017

Diptera delight!

A good lunchtime yesterday when I discovered the blackthorn on the shore was in flower. It was breezy, but a small corner was sheltered by a rock outcrop and so attracted a good range of flies. Some I;d already counted, some I couldn't ID yet and some were new. This included Epistrophe eligans, a spring hover I've been after for a couple of years, and a scathophagid which was to be my 200th fly. I had hoped it would be the tachinid I caught but discretion was the better part of valour there and it's currently pinned with its bits out before I attempt to ID it. (it was county first Lypha dubia and the M.mellinum on closer inspection were county first Platycheirus ambiguus!)

So my 200th fly is the shore scathophagid Ceratinostoma ostiorum

( Scathophagid keys and atlas are available free here )

The Epistrophe is also my 75th hover, which is a nice mini-landmark. I expect that the total number of hovers from this year in the square will not be far off that, the square already having produced some very nice hover records.


Oh look - an Eristalis ...

but wait ... no wing loop! Epistrophe elegans

list draft 1

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