Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Bumping along

A sunny day with a lowish tide but I couldn't get any traction on rock turning for some reason. Failed to find the great rock I turned yesterday and mostly found only Green shore Crabs. I didn't catch the same Sea Scorpion again as I figure it could use a break.

It was one of those days when you feel the season has changed. Bluebells were out all over though I swear I saw none yesterday! Calliphora were abundant on every sunny stone - vicina and vomitoria. And where last week there was a bee or two they are now buzzing here there and everywhere. I probably should have made more effort to connect with another species but (I'll say it quietly) I just can't get exercised about bees.

Keeps the numbers ticking along anyway. Soon individual pots will be replaced with a WatDon big ol' cannon pooter and my backlog of unidentified flies will start to look vaguely intimidating.

Tedious wildflower

Lovely Hopeward point

Latest numbers:
03/04/2017 426 Asterias rubens Common starfish
03/04/2017 427 Myoxocephalus scorpius Bull Rout
03/04/2017 428 Ascidiella scabra A sea squirt
03/04/2017 429 Syvicola fenestralis A fly
04/04/2017 430 Calliphora vomitoria Orange-bearded Bluebottle
04/04/2017 431 Hyacinthoides non-scripta Bluebell

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