Friday, 28 April 2017

A lot less bovver

Lunchtime I headed for the coast to try my newest piece of surveying equipment (will be revealed if/when it works!) and found my tenth hover species of the campaign. Not bad up here for April, and intriguingly the 9 species I've recorded on my inland reserve by this time of year are quite different from those I've found here on the coast.As far as I know only the Eristalinus is truly coastal though Platycheirus ambiguus seems to have an affinitiy for Blackthorn which the reserve doesn't have. The rest may be made up for in the larger woodland where the reserve has species of grassland and waterside. I have yet to see a Cheilosia or an Eristalis!

I was surprised to spot a large bumble bee on seaweed half way across the rocks, and fortunate enough to net it and see how good a mimic the hoverfly Criorhina floccosa is! This is another new species for me and this shift of habitat (I do usually hammer the same patch(es) over and over anyway) and I'm looking forward to seeing what other surprises are lurking. Actually I have found also a Dasysyrphus larva but not ID'd to species. I'm feeling pretty comfortable with a prediction of 50-60 hovers, though it may actually go beyond that

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