Friday, 10 March 2017

Two headed spider

Diplocephalus latifrons is a fairly common spider and this one came from leaf litter. It's one of those Linyphiids which has a weird and wonderful carapace shape (at least in the male - don't recall the female at the moment).

The trichobothria on TmI is in a different range from its congeners. Taking photos of Linyphiids is tricky with my microscope/lighting setup but you can just about see diagnistic features here, with the palp having those two little protuberances.

I added my first species from the small pine wood around the chapel of the Earls of Moray yesterday - Hyaloscypha leuconica is a tiny discomycete on pine cones and pretty unspectacular in every respect. I've also seen it on Larch cones before.

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