Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Three steps forward ...

... two steps back.

Gained three species today and lost two as two snail records fell under closer scrutiny. Not a huge surprise given my mollusc experience level but a hard one nonetheless. (P.pymaeum wasn't and I mistook an immature Cepaea for a glass snail if you absolutely must know)

I shall claw them back though - oh yes I will!

Anyway, here's a springtail instead - Protaphorura armata - verified!

in alcohol - white as in the field

compound scope, habitus, anal spine, claw&empodium

PAO (long, central) and one pseudo-ocellus (up & left)

And at that I threw away my chance to kick off with the title "Anal spines!" Oh well...


  1. Anal Spines shall have another opportunity I'm sure! What magnification are those last pics taken at? And are you using the FSC Guide or something else?

    1. Well it won't be under oil so I'll guess x400 unless I had the x63 lens on (my standard lenses are 10,40,100). It was in an excavated slide on this occasion, and cleared with KOH