Friday, 24 March 2017

Panic at the Disco

Picked up a couple of pine cones and some litter from a small woodland surrounding the Chapel of the Earls of Moray (there are seven of 'em - just buried there in the middle of the what is now a housing development). So intent was I on finding hyphomycetes and other minutiae that it felt like walking into a lamppost when I turned a cone under the lens to find it covered in discos. Barely visible with the naked eye as they're pretty small but under magnifcation they take up a lot of real estate.

I battered at them a bit with Ellis and Ellis "Microfungi" (this "Ellis and Ellis" being the one most people refer to despite the existence of several "Ellis and Ellis" books) but missed the fact that they are plurivorous wood munchers rather than a pine/larch/conifer specialist. Turning to "Ascos in Colour" (Thomson) while knowing that it was a Mollisia s.l. allowed me to key it out to Niptera ramincola and thus find it retrospectively in Ellis and Ellis. Phew - what an emotional rollercoaster!

Thomson does actually mention pine cones as a substrate though E&E doesn't, oddly.

This morning a brief tour produced nothing (except a sense of well-being in the morning sunshine but I can't count THAT)

I did find what I always find - one of the most abundant species on the beach in the bay. Ballus golfiensis


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