Thursday, 2 March 2017

Of slugs and slaters

Beautiful weather on the Forth yesterday afternoon for a poke around the woods. Tide was well in so no hope of any littoral shenanigans.

I managed to pull one back on the mollusc count with Tandonia budapestensis sowerbyi and found a nice coastal crustacean in the form of Cylisticus convexus,/s> (no ... Porcellio scaber - bad run of identification here!). I also managed to photograph an Opegrapha on the rocks which I subsequently forgot to take for checking. It'll still be there over the next ten months though so no rush.

Hard to imagine today when people are so squeamish with slugs and slaters that they have both been used as folk remedies for gastric issues (slaters as antacid tablets). I don't mind handling them but I can't say I'm in any hurry to put either of them in my mouth! Actually I think this slug in particular has some kind of anti-carabid poison so especially not the slug.

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