Monday, 20 March 2017

More pond dipping

Spent a bit of time over the last few days getting down below the tideline. First found a nice alga which is Compsothamnion thuyoides s.l. (Alternate Bush Weed) and I take to be C.gracilis but only from internet browsing - not very satisfactory. Hopefully it will be sorted out on iRecord as records are reviewed there periodically. This is a nice one whichever part of the s.l. it turns out to be, with most records on the west coast and very few on the east coast. Lovely pictures will be inserted here once I've got them downloaded.

Yesterday afternoon my lovely missus remarked that the weather was nice and would I like to go for a tour rather than sit with my in-laws. Now I like my in-laws but naturally I was off like a shot as it was low tide. That turned up these little beauties:

Hermit Crab

Sea Scorpion

Note the white barb at the mouth edge

An evening attempt at luring moths with sugar produced nothing, sadly. The following additions were made, plus a lot of stuff in pots awaiting attention.

366 Anomia ephippium Saddle Oyster
367 Coleosporium tussilaginis Groundsel Rust
368 Cardamine flexuosa Wavy Bitter-cress
369 Compsothamnion gracillimum A seaweed
370 Anthus pratensis Meadow Pipit
371 Streptopelia decaocto Collared Dove
372 Mucilago crustacea A slime mould
373 Lumbricus terrestris Common Earthworm
374 Sphaeropsis sapinea A fungus
375 Milesina kriegeriana A rust on Dryoptera
376 Taurulus bubalis Sea Scorpion
377 Episyrphus balteatus Marmalade Hoverfly

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