Tuesday, 21 March 2017

British Summertime

It is, naturally, snowing today in Southeast Scotland. Yesterday on a rather blustery day there was a decent amount of sun though. Having seen one Episyrphus out and about i optimistically trundled down the coastal woodland with a net, thinking that two species of calyptrate would be a good haul. In the end I came out with three, but one of them was an anthomyiid, a family from which I can comfortably cope with one species (and it likes Salix so I may be out of luck).

Calliphora vicina was a nice easy one which I probably should have done in the pot and then released, and the other I'm moderately sure is Helina evecta, though I'll cross check it.

Calliphora vicina with its brown breathy-hole

Helina evecta - putative (but those infuscated x-veins...)

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