Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Rocka Rolla

Two lifers from under rolled rocks yesterday in Hopeward Wood. The first is the spectacularly epigyned Helophora insignis, and the second a run-of-the-mill Staph Quedius fumatus. Neither is particularly exciting in its own right but they are both new to the list and new to me so I'll take that as a compensation.

The Helophora in particular will help me try to claw my way back into the PSL Arachnid top 30 that I was so cruelly ejected from (although, like nature, it is neither cruel nor kind. It just is what it is!)

I did also find this Pseudoscorp floating to the surface as I was wetting the Taxifolius but it remains to be see whether I can turn it into a record. It is very, very small - 0.4mm

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