Friday, 17 February 2017

Only words ...

Lovely sunny day and low tide at lunchtime so what choice does one have? Off to the shore and headed straight for the tideline where I managed to locate some rock pools. What I didn't have, though, was a camera, which was sitting on my desk. Splendid.

A wizard time was had nonetheless and though I made some efforts to rip off Seth's Rage Against the Marine I barely scratched the surface. I did find the Hildenbrandia, which was pretty widespread, and I have a couple of bits and bobs that I hope will succumb to later perusal, but alas no photos. A couple of pools with abundant Corallina officinalis was rather fetching in the sunlight, and I even managed to rumble up a couple of fish, though a lack of camera made me unable to do so much with them. They all appeared to be the same (as if you can tell!) sort - in the blenny, shanny, goby wide headed sitting up on the sea bed sort of mould and I let the one I managed to catch go after a brief look. I am confident, moderately, that I can catch one another time so no point in harassing the poor thing further. It does make me feel like I was too pessimistic about my ability to record fish in the square.

(edit - not shanny/blenny, which seem to have major dorsal finnage to the fore. Common Goby looks the most likely contender) 
(2nd edit. another bloody bee flew past me while I was distracted and escaped ID again)

I also managed to bag another mammal as a grey squirrel shinned up a tree above the shore.

More searching for bristletails produced only slaters and hoppers sadly. I know you're out there!

Anyway, the numbers bit:

293 Spinus spinus Siskin
294 Pertusaria pseudocorallina A lichen
295 Sciurus carolinensis Eastern Grey Squirrel
296 Hildenbrandia rubra An alga
297 Corallina officinalis Coral Weed

Be nice and tidy to be at 333 by end of Feb

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  1. Rage against the marine!!! Why couldn't I have thought of that? :)