Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Membranoptera alata - an historic moment

Yesterday managed to key out Membranoptera alata in the AIDGAP Rhodophyta key, the first species I've keyed out there. Fortunately it gave itself up pretty easily. Once the identity was known I could see it in both seaweed books I have, although I had failed on picture matching. Pretty thing.

It likes to grow on the stipes of kelp, but in this case was on a smooth rock in a rock pool. I think I might press it.


Quickie numbers update - almost 100 inverts before March doesn't feel too bad!
Class tot-Jan tot-Feb
Verts 40 54
Inverts 54 89
Plants 69 88
Fungi 65 71
Algae 8 13
Sum 236 315

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