Monday, 20 February 2017

Grass clippings

Sifting through somebody else's discarded grass clippings - now there's something to get out of bed for on a Saturday morning!

I had my eye on these matted grass clippings, which had been dumped on top of a rotten log by some nearby householder last year. I knew that of a cold winter's day nothing says comfortable invert home better than a cosy pile of matted and close-fitting putrifying vegetation.

And so it was that my new favourite piece of kit and I made for the woods and the chucking and bashing began. I had hoped for three species of spider and a pseudoscorp. I made my target on spider, failed on pseudoscorp, but bagged a bonus beetle (thanks in part to fellow 1k square participant Christian Owen). The spiders were more or less routine. However, since I had the spider book out I also took out a nice one from the shore from the 14th, which turned out to be shore specialist and lifer Halorates reprobus.

Sunday morning saw a brief run around the shore pull up (and it really was, this time) Anurida maritima and some rather fetching little molluscs from underside of a rock just below HWM.


White tray - a boon to invert bothering

Haloretes - the rest looks like a standard Linyphiid!
Cingula trifasciata - largest 3mm
Numbers bit:
301 Lapsana communis Nipplewort
302 Ramalina subfarinacea A lichen
303 Tenuiphantes cristatus A Linyphiid spider
304 Halorates reprobus A Linyphiid spider
305 Cingula trifasciata A mollusc
306 Anurida maritima A springtail
307 Cartodere nodifer A scavenger beetle
308 Bathyphantes nigrinus A Linyphiid spider
309 Neriene montana A Linyphiid spider

(edit: despite two new spider spp. I have fallen out of the PSL top 30 for arachnids. Hell no. That ain't happ'nin'. Fingers will have to be got out!)

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