Thursday, 16 February 2017

Five a day

Still trying to make sure I get my five a day. This time it included three lifers, though two of those are surprising. I'd bet I've seen both before. The third, a tiny ascomycete, was a lucky find while rummaging about under logs for inverts.

Empoasca vitis
Seems very likely I have seen this befoer as I remember encountering similar and discarding it in the belief I would never ID it. It's an adult hibernator.

Julus scandinavius
I have found what was probably this earlier this year already but immature and unkeyable. Not sure what these paddles are for but what millipedes get up to in the privacy of their own logs is their own affair.

Cistella acuum
Used to be called Dasyscyphus, and named as such in both Ellis&Ellis and Dennis. In reality the clavate hairs are probably a marker for this not really belonging to that genus but first impressions certainly are that it is one. Substrate is one lone spruce needle. Sometimes it's really a small world.

The numbers bit:

285 Nemastoma bimaculatum A harvestman
286 Cygnus olor Mute Swan
287 Empoasca vitis A leafhopper
288 Cistella acuum An ascomycete
289 Julus scandinavius A millipede
290 Tachypodoiulus niger White-legged Snake Millipede

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