Friday, 17 February 2017

A picture of sorts

 Here's a graph of this year's efforts versus the couple of years I made notes on my local reserve (I spent 2016 recording only new species for the reserve - c.300 spp.).

February is always a slack month because January is spent hammering everything that's sort of "always there" and you're done with that by February. I also tend to get sick of winter by then and head off for a week to let the earth tip a little bit more favourably toward the sun.

Once that slack period gets done with, though, it's game on. Last year I got to spend the slack period learning about lichens. This year I get to spend it on the shore.

Cullaloe LNR is only a small part of a 1km square. Though to be fair I spend almost all my efforts on a small part of this year's square - a band between housing and the river. It's still plenty to be going on with though.

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