Thursday, 26 January 2017

Double century up!

Last night saw the double century tick over with a small collection from yesterday being examined. Nice surprise of the day was Uromyces geranii on what appears to be Geranium molle, but I'm going to give that one time to flower.

Another nice one from yesterday though common on the edges of paths and car parks was Bryum dichotomum. I like it because it's a profligate producer of bulbils for asexual propagation and looks like it's holding tiny easter eggs.

Once you have both microscopes out it's tempting to put everything under there so first was this near miss on a Rubus mine which contained only frass

And finally I had collected a Geophilomorph centipede which turned out to be a "repeat" - Geophilus insculptus. However since I'd already killed it it seemed a shame to waste the specimen so under the microscope it went. Shame I forgot to photograph the pores on the hind legs but I think I will routinely do that from now on. It looked fantastic at closer quarters:

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