Monday, 30 January 2017

Anurida denisi

While foraging around below HWM at low tide aiming to add some littoral species to my square list I picked up a whelk shell which seemed to have some sort of bryozoan or similar growing over its surface (still don't know). Whatever it was was being grazed by a small herd of springtails, two of which I popped off into an acohol filled pot.

To cut a long story short they turned out to be Anurida denisi, which the key describes as not having been seen since Bagnall recorded them pre-war in England and Ireland. I was pretty sure that I had what the key said I had but nevertheless reference to somebody who knows better was inevitable in this case. Fortunately it turned out that he agreed and so that's it. The record stands, the specimens will be winging their way towards Roehampton University and I'm a very happy springtail botherer this morning!

Here are the pics:

Initial examination in alcohol

Keying in Hopkin

Slide prep of ecelli and PAO at x600

Diagram from Hopkin

And Steve Hopkin's page on the species: Hopkin

Interestingly the species is listed on Buglife's Scottish springtails list, which certainly warrants further investigation: link

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